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A place where amazing things Get Done!

The company provides all the comfort and the suitable work environment for its employees to ensure the highest efficiency to provide an optimum services to our customers by achieve our objectives of according to its strategy

Customers won’t deal with a company that sees it is not trustworthy, not unique or not creative and this is our vision to gain our customers trustworthy

Our mission is to allow every one to achieve more results and we do this through personalize and secure protection, security and Entertainment systems.
And also as we maintain the eternal values of privacy to save your ability for better controlling your home or your institute.

This starts by making sure that you have useful options on how and why these security systems are used, and make sure that you have the sufficient information that you will need to determine the right options for across our services and products.

  • Warranty period includes regular replacement and maintenance throughout the warranty period as a free of charge
  • Any change of increase/decrease at costs after bidding the agreement is our responsibility
  • I.T.S Company should have a penalty condition imposed upon itself when delaying the delivery after the deadline (If the delay not from the customer side or caused by the customer)

+10 years in business

we are growing everyday and gain more experience to invent new technologies and solutions for our customers

+127 Happy Client

it’s our honor to serve you and to join our elite customers and enjoy our awesome services

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Main Address: Building 23 road 205 -Degla, Maadi - Cairo, EGYPT.

Operation: Building 51 Army buildings - Saqr Qorish, Maadi - Cairo, EGYPT.

Hotline: (+20) 127 777-8747

Email: info@its-egy.com

Sales: sales@its-egy.com

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Saturday - Thursday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday - Closed